Regina caterers excited to return to big events as COVID-19 restrictions loosen

The loosening of COVID-19 restrictions in Phase 2 of the province’s reopening plan is welcome news for businesses that rely on big groups.

Josh Robins, owner of Legacy Catering in Regina, says the pandemic has been devastating on his business, so the ability to go back to events is very exciting.

“Being a catering company, we’re geared to feed large groups of people and when there’s no large groups allowed, it’s really hard to run a catering business,” said Robins. “So, to have groups getting together, even a little bit bigger every month or every week, it’s going to make things that much better as they start to lift restrictions.”

While hope is on the horizon, Robins says there still isn’t clear guidelines on how catered events can operate, meaning many events are still in limbo.

“We have lots of events on hold, with them saying I want this date if things get better and if not, we’ll have to cancel,” said Robins. “So we’re talking to brides and grooms, family reunions, and different corporate events. It’s really difficult to have an idea of what’s going to happen, but we also think when it does happen, things are going to be crazy.”

With not having done an event with more than 30 people in over 15 months, Robins says it’s going to be quite a difference going back to normal.

As the pandemic seems to draw to a close, Robins hopes people are ready to go back to big events and parties, adding those that are, will attend some pretty good events.

“I think the people that are ready, there’s going to be some great events coming in the fall and winter,” said Robins. “We’re hoping for a solid Christmas and back to normal by then, in a perfect world.”

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