Return of Riders is big for Evraz Place

Mosaic Stadium will be hosting CFL football again this year much to the delight of Rider Nation and others.

One of those who can’t wait to see fans head inside the building on Evraz Place is Regina Exhibition Association Limited President and CEO Tim Reid.

Reid says he is particularly excited for the August 21 game against Ottawa as it will happen at the same time as the QCX which will bring many to “the campus”.

“We are really excited at the fact we can do that again. ” Reid said.  ‘We did it in 2019 and there was a lot of positive feedback.  Having a football game at the same time as the fair is great for both.”

Reid adds when fans do return to Mosaic, to Brandt Centre for Pats games and other events happening at Evraz Place that they can expect things to be a little different than what they were before March of 2020 when the pandemic hit.

“You will see a significant reduction in cash opportunities around the various venues because people don’t want to handle cash the way they used to, you will likely see the exchange of tickets look different as we encourage people to use their phone so there isn’t contact and we will likely be implementing a clear bag policy.” Reid said.  “We will also likely introduce convenience-based concessions so if you don’t want us to touch your food, you get your drink, you get your popcorn which is pre-packaged and you pay without any contact.”

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