South Shore Elementary School raising money for refugees

A Grade 7/8 class at South Shore Elementary School in Regina Beach is raising funds to help refugees in southern Saskatchewan.

The class has organized a self-guided walk around the school, with posters providing information on refugees.

Teacher Daniela Machuca describes how this came to be.

“Our class read a novel about refugees and their experience, and the kids were really moved by what they read,” Machuca said. “They wanted to do something to give back to the community.”

Machuca says the class has been learning about the privilege they have to live and grow up in Canada throughout the year.

“I think they really felt like this was an opportunity where they could use their privilege being born in Canada or living in Canada now to help people who are trying to make a home in a safe place, and to make that home feel a little bit more welcoming and to have all of the resources they need to make a real go of it here in Canada.”

Photo Courtesy: Daniela Machuca

Machuca says the funds raised will go directly to the Regina Open Door Society.

“The Regina Open Door Society is doing an amazing amount of work for people right here in southern Saskatchewan,” Machuca said. “We wanted to make sure that all of the kid’s efforts went to contributing to a positive experience for people in our community.”

Their goal is to raise $1,500. A link to their go-fund-me can be found here. The walk will go until June 25.

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