Province still shy of 70 percent total to reach Step 3 of reopening plan

With the province ready to start Step 2 of its reopening plan on Sunday, there is still some lingering doubt as to whether or not Step 3 will start on July 11.

The province still has not reached the 70 percent level for those 18 and over having reached their first dose which would remove many of the current restrictions we are under.  If that can happen by Sunday, those restrictions would go on July 11.

As of the end of day Thursday, the province says 24,260 vaccines had been given out on Wednesday and Thursday.

Twenty-five per cent of all eligible residents are now fully vaccinated.  Seventy-nine per cent of those over the age of 40+ have received their first dose.  Seventy-four per cent of those 30+ have received their first dose.  Sixty-nine per cent of those 18+ have received their first dose, while sixty-eight per cent of those 12+ have also received their first dose.

Status of Population Vaccinations, as of June 17, 2021
Group Estimated
First Dose
Age 80+ 51,304 47,295 (92%) 42,333 (83%)
 Age 70-79 79,817 72,916 (91%) 60,079 (75%)
Age 60-69 138,471 117,948 (85%) 75,676 (55%)
Age 50-59 147,466 108,919 (74%) 40,405 (27%)
Age 40-49 151,896 103,341 (68%) 17,103 (11%)
Age 30-39 183,246 105,945 (58%) 13,200 (7%)
Age 18-29 189,909 98,086 (52%) 9,619 (5%)
Age 12-17 90,987 48,465 (53%) 577 (1%)

There are 98 new cases to report along with 95 recoveries and one death bringing the active case total to 763 with 57 more variants of concern being identified by screening.

The new cases are located in the following zones: Far North West, 1; North West, 9; North Central, 19; North East, 2; Saskatoon, 12; Central West, 8; Central East, 8; Regina, 25; South Central, 4; and South East, 4.

The total of those in hospital sits at 81 with ten of those 81 in intensive care.

Daily COVID-19 map for June 18, 2021

Residents May Receive AstraZeneca as Second Dose

On June 17, the National Advisory Council on Immunization updated their statement on recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccine, including recommendations for those who received AstraZeneca as a first dose.  Saskatchewan will continue to allow residents the choice of receiving AstraZeneca as their second dose or an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer).  There are no first dose AstraZeneca clinics planned at this time; all AstraZeneca second dose clinics will be offered through the SHA and residents seeking AstraZeneca as their second dose can book those appointments as clinics are available.





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