Sask Crop report says heavy rain caused some crop loss


The latest Saskatchewan crop report says heavy rainfall this past week caused flooding problems for some farmers.

The rain was welcome but much more than farmers wanted at one time.

Northeast of Old Wives Lake saw the largest localized rain, resulting in 208 millimeters or 8 inches over the course of a few hours.

The heavy rain caused washed out roads, flooding, filling of sloughs and dugouts and some crop damage.

Other areas that saw large amounts of rain include Big Beaver with 127 millimeters, Frobisher with 111 millimeters and Moosomin with 110.

The southeast had the heaviest rain.

High winds also caused some damage to bins, buildings and crops.

Topsoil moisture is rated 2 percent surplus, 72 percent adequate, 23 percent short and 3 percent very short.

76 percent of cereal crops and 66 percent of oilseeds are at normal stage of development.

Crop conditions across the province mostly range from fair to good.

Some fields have spotty emergence of canola and may be reseeded.

Causes of crop loss this past week include dry soil, flea beetles, gophers and some first signs of seedling diseases.

Farmers are busy spraying for weeds and insects, doing some reseeding, and finishing up seeding green feed.


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