Mayor’s vaccine challenge underway between Masters and Clark

Mayor Sandra Masters and Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark have challenged to see whose city can vaccinate the most people by the end of the month.

The challenge comes as the province nears the threshold for Phase 3 of its Roadmap to Reopening, the point where all COVID-19 restrictions would be lifted.

Masters says the province is so close to where it needs to be, and she’s hoping this challenge inspires people to get vaccinated.

“9, 637 vaccinations gets us to the next level of reopening, that’s as a province,” said Masters. “The SHA had reached out to both Mayor Charlie and myself, and asked if we were willing to pitch in. Absolutely I’d be willing to embarrass myself to get people vaccinated, but I won’t have to if Regina wins.”

The winning city’s mayor gets to choose a song to which the losing city’s mayor will have to give an on-camera lip sync performance.

Masters says some residents have already bought into the challenge.

“Based on the pictures I’m getting from clinics this morning, and from citizens, it’s working,” said Masters. “And we need it to keep working.”

When asked if the province needs to do more to incentivize people to get their vaccine, Masters says vaccine uptake in the province has been stellar.

“We have the most vaccinations, as a province, in the country,” said Masters. “I would suggest that the citizens of Saskatchewan have done their part, we just need to continue that final push into June 30th, and then again for second doses into July 31st. I think the citizens of Saskatchewan can do it, and I know the citizens of Regina can do it.”

If everything goes to plan, the provincial government is looking to remove all COVID-19 restrictions on July 11th.


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