City makes immediate changes on policy of having flags fly at half-mast.

The city is reversing a policy on flags after taking some heat following the death of an RCMP officer.

Several were outraged to see flags at City Hall were not flying at half mast in the city that calls the RCMP depot home in the wake of Constable Shelby Patton’s death last Saturday in Wolseley.

Before the change, the City had said flags would only be lowered if a remember of the Regina Police Service or Regina Fire had died in the line of the duty.

Mayor Sandra Masters says that is no longer the case.

“We are expanding the policy moving forward given our ties, our historical ties to the RCMP detachment and all graduates coming into the City of Regina.” Masters said. “Any active RCMP member killed in the line of duty will result in the flags being lowered to half mast.  It is a bit of a learning lesson for us.

The change is effective immediately and those driving by City Hall will see the flags are now flying at half-mast.


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