SGI keeping busy with insurance claims after last week’s storm

Last week’s rain storm has kept SGI’s insurance adjusters busy in recent days.

The Crown Corporation says as of Tuesday, they have received 186 vehicle claims in relation to the storm, with over 100 related water damage. SGI Canada is also reporting over 500 claims related to property including flooding, hail, and wind damage.

Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says more claims could be on the way.

“Generally, when you’re talking about a claim with a sewer back-up or something like that, the claims come in pretty quickly,” McMurchy said. “But we do expect that there will be some additional claims rolling in as well int he coming days.”

McMurchy says those submitting claims have two years to finish them.

“It is a good idea to get that process underway as soon as you reasonably can just to get that claim started, and that way you’re closer to getting that claim finished and getting the amount of compensation that you are entitled to.”

While there’s no official numbers at this time, McMurchy says a good percentage of the claims are coming from the Regina area, where close to three inches of rain fell over the course of four days and caused underpasses to flood throughout the city.

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