Rapid antigen tests now being used in Saskatchewan for COVID-19 screening

Rapid antigen tests are now approved for use in Saskatchewan, with the hope they will help screen people who do not show COVID-19 symptoms.

In a news prelease the provincial government says they have amended The Medical Laboratory Licensing Regulations, 1995 so that no formal agreement is needed between those who use rapid antigen tests and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Rapid antigen tests are used to screen asymptomatic people for COVID-19, and are not a diagnostic test.

Health Officials are strongly recommending that anyone who receives a positive test result immediately self isolate and call 811 for further instruction.

Large national businesses that operate in Saskatchewan and wish to use the tests can request them through the federal government’s online business portal.

Small and medium-sized enterprises within Saskatchewan can apply for rapid tests from the SHA by submitting an Intake Form.

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