Heavy wind wreaks havoc at Echo Lake

Echo Lake is cleaning up after strong winds caused some damage in the resort area near Fort Qu’Appelle Thursday afternoon.

Linda Leslie tells us it all started late this morning.

“At about 11:30, it just picked up out of nowhere, I wasn’t aware it was going to pick up like that,” said Leslie. “The thing is, it’s heading in a different direction than it normally does, so the area that really got a lot of the damage is B-Say-Tah Point.”

Leslie says she has never seen the lake like this before.

“The East side in particular of B-Say-Tah, a lot of the boats are over there, the piers are upside down, the boats are off their lifts, and the Sea-Doos,” said Leslie. “Lots of damage, there are trees down and fences down.”

The wind has been blowing at around 85 kilometers an hour this afternoon as a system moves through bringing strong wind and what could be heavy rain and hail.

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