Sask. gov’t feels it is time for Canada-U.S. border to reopen

Talks about reopening the U.S. border for non essential travel are starting to heat up, with the Prime Minister indicating it may happen sooner than later as vaccination efforts continue across the country.

Saskatchewan Tourism Minister Jeremy Harrison is in full favour of getting travellers going both ways again. He says it is very important for many sectors including the outfitters industry.

“That industry is very dependent on American hunters coming in.” Harrison said. “There really is no policy rationale for why fully vaccinated travel should not be allowed by either Canadians or Americans so that quarantine period should be lifted.  Our main argument is the federal government needs to put real consideration into how the border can be reopened because of the economic importance while doing it in a safe and responsible way.

The current non-essential travel restrictions with the U.S.  that have been in place are set to expire on June 21. They have been in place for over a year.

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