Grads won’t cross the stage at Mosaic Stadium

Grade 12 graduation ceremonies in Regina will not happen at the home of the Riders.
It was hoped ceremonies could be held at Mosaic Stadium in an event that wouldn’t be forgotten in what has been a forgetful year, but guidelines won’t allow it because outdoor events can only have a 150 person limit at this time.
Terry Lazarou with the Regina Public School Board says they tried to make it happen.
“We were really hoping as a school division to have a graduation of a lifetime at Mosaic Stadium, but the guidelines in place prevent us from having the event we were hoping to have, an event where they could cross the stage, get their diploma handed to them and get photographs taken by some proud parents,” Lazarou said. “We worked very closely with REAL.  They lobbied hard on our behalf . Our board also lobbied the government for this to be allowed, but at the end of the day, the rules and guidelines put in place to keep us safe are what prevailed.
High schools will now be responsible for their own ceremonies with details on those hopefully coming from the respective schools in the near future. Lazarou says that will likely end up in multiple ceremonies being held at the various schools because guidelines won’t allow for one big event.   While he can’t look into the future, he hopes the graduating class of 2022 won’t have this to worry about and will get the ceremony they want,

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