Get ready for mosquitoes

People haven’t had much to complain about over the past few weeks when it comes to the weather at night as conditions have been perfect for outdoor activities.

That is about to change though as mosquitoes are about to make an invasion.

Russell Eirich is the forestry and pest manager for the City of Regina.  He says the rain we got over the May long weekend was ideal for mosqutoes to lay their eggs and those eggs are starting to hatch.

“I’m thinking that based on that rain we got a couple of weeks ago we should probably see more mosquitoes by the end of the week.” Eirich said. “The rain we are supposed to get over the next few days might slow that down, but we can expect to see them next week and the week after that.”

Crews have been out treating standing bodies of water, but once a significant rainfall hits, they do have to start again.   Eirich says it is too early yet to see how problematic the pests will be this summer but you can help by removing any standing body of water that has collected on your property whether it be in a can or something else.

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