Regina review shows positive impact of cannabis industry; Mayor says city needs to encourage more competition

Regina’s Executive Committee was presented a completed review on the impact of the cannabis industry in the city.

The review found the industry has been rather beneficial to the city’s economy.

Mayor Sandra Masters says it’s nice to see the early concerns over legalization haven’t come to fruition.

“There were a lot of concerns, not just in Regina, but across the country. Those concerns really haven’t materialized,” said Masters. “So, there is some discussion going forward about amending the bylaws that were put into place to make it more with the liquor establishments so if you can sell alcohol, that should be the same as selling cannabis.”

Masters says with the industry having a positive economic impact, the more competition, the better.

“I think if it’s a burgeoning industry and it’s good tax revenue, then we would like to, following the bylaw relative to liquor establishments, that should be probably the same applying to cannabis, which would then open the market up a little bit,” said Masters.

Masters says the future of the cannabis industry in Regina is a bright one.

“It is a growing industry, it’s a safe industry, and we should amend the bylaw,” said Masters.

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