Regina Police investigating after man allegedly stole money posing as a pizza delivery driver

Regina Police say they’re investigating a potential fraud scenario after a woman said she had $1,500 taken from one of her bank accounts.

In an email sent to 620 CKRM, police confirmed they received a call about the matter on May 30.

“The information provided to our members concludes that in the afternoon of May 29, 2021, an individual placed an order for pizza from a business on the 4500 block of Rochdale Boulevard. The pizza was delivered to the individual, who paid via debit card. Later that day, the customer checked the account and reported to police that the account had been drained. Our Financial Crimes Unit is investigating,” a police spokesperson said in the email.

RPS. said they can’t provide anymore details at this time, but said they do believe a fraud took place.

At this point, it appears that the “scammer” does not seem to be associated with either the restaurant or a legitimate delivery service. Instead, the individual somehow obtained delivery information from the business and then posed as a delivery person for the customer.

620 CKRM reached out to the alleged victim for comment, but has yet to hear back.

Members of the Regina Police Financial Crimes Unit have offered up the following advice for those ordering food delivery:

-Ensure the delivery person at your door can provide identification from the business you have ordered from.

-Be aware of how your credit card/debit card is being handled or used during a transaction at your door.

-Check your banking accounts periodically to look for any unusual transactions/charges. If something is out of the ordinary, contact police.


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