City of Regina offering $500k in grants for harm reduction

Applications are now being accepted by the City of Regina for $500,000 in grants dedicated towards programs, services and initiatives to support harm reduction in the city.

The funding is part of a council amendment from the 2021 budget which comprises of one-time funding taken from the municipality’s COVID-19 Recovery Reserve.

Eligible applicants include organizations that are registered as a non-profit with a proposed initiative which aligns with one or more of the City of Regina’s four priorities of the funding stream. This includes overdose prevention, safe and accessible spaces, safe and inclusive communities and strengthened support and connections.

“It’s important that all levels of government are engaged in advancing harm reduction initiatives,” announced Regina Councillor Andrew Stevens in a Thursday morning statement.

“This new funding stream partners the City of Regina with local community organizations to address the growing addiction crisis and mental health issues with outreach programming, in addition to supporting Indigenous and culturally-guided approaches to healing and wellness.”

The City says the primary objective of this grant opportunity is to increase access to support services and reduce harm associated with drug use in the Queen City. “Harm reduction is an approach taken in many cities that focuses on the prevention of harm in people who continue to use drugs, rather than on the prevention of drug use itself,” continued the city release.

Deadline has been set for July 30. Funding is expected to be distributed in September of this year.

Application information can be found at the City of Regina website.

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