City manager Chris Holden is Regina’s highest-paid employee

Each year, the City of Regina publicly discloses the salaries of employees who make more than $50,000,

In the public accounts report which was released this week, 64 made more than $150,000 with the top ten earners all taking home more than $200,000

City manager Chris Holden gets paid the most. The report shows Holden made $287,376 in regular earnings which is up from a 2019 figure of $265, 206.

The following are the top ten municipal employees:

1. Chris Holden, City Manager: $289,376
2. Evan Bray, Chief of police: $257,375
3. Tim Reid, REAL president and CEO: $252,804
4. Dean Rae, Deputy chief of police: 240,996
5. Barry Lacey, Executive director of financial strategy and sustainabilty: $238,489
6. Kim Onrait, Executive director of citizen services: $233,416
7 (tie). Byron Werry, City solicitor; Diana Hawryluk, Executive director of city planning and community development: $223,269
9. Roberta Engel, Vice-president of corporate finance and operations, REAL: $218,978
10. Louise Folk, Executive director of citizen experience, innovation and performance: $218,071

If you are wondering, the 64 employees that made more than $150,000 is the same number as those making that amount in 2020.






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