AstraZeneca COVID vaccine drive-thru clinic begins Sunday in Regina

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is running another drive-thru clinic in Regina, this time for AstraZeneca second doses, starting on Sunday.

The clinic is scheduled to run at EVRAZ Place for five to six days, depending on supply. The drive-thru will be open to those 65 and older, or those who got their first dose before March 22 who received their first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine.

The SHA is also booking appointments for AstraZeneca for June 7 and 8.

As of May 29, the SHA is no longer offering AstraZeneca for first doses of the vaccine. That vaccine variety is only available to Saskatchewan residents 30 and older.

While the National Advisory Committee on Immunization is allowing mixing an matching of vaccine doses, the SHA says those who received Pfizer and Moderna for their first dose will not be able to receive an AstraZeneca dose for their second shot.

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