SGEU renews call for paid sick days in Saskatchewan

Labour Minister Don Morgan has a letter on his desk from the new president of the SGEU.

Tracey Sauer has written the letter asking Morgan and the government to bring in legislated paid sick days for all Saskatchewan workers.

Sauer says we have seen during the pandemic that people have had to stay home for the good of others so they should be paid to avoid going into work and getting others ill.

“I think we have learned lessons during the pandemic about trying to keep your workplace safe and your family safe.” Sauer said. “Paid sick time is a part of that process that keeps everyone safe.”

In an e-mailed statement, Morgan says the province will not be introducing a program that would result in Saskatchewan employers shouldering billions of dollars in further liabilities and that this is especially true when you consider a fully funded federal program is already in place today that should be meeting the needs of workers.

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