Man threatens to set fire to downtown business; steals cell phone

Police are looking for a suspect after a man stole a cell phone and threatened to light a business on fire in downtown Regina on Tuesday.

Officers were called to the 1800 block of Rose street shortly after 12:00 p.m., where they learned the suspect who had already fled the scene on a bike, entered the business and demanded a cell phone, before pouring lighter fluid on the floor and threatening to light the inside of the business on fire.

The man then stole a cell phone off the counter inside the business before fleeing the scene.

He’s described as Metis, around 20-years-old and 6’0″tall, and was wearing a black hat, black pants, black shoes, a black hoodie with an orange shirt tied around his waist, and a blue surgical mask with a black bandanna tied around his neck.

Regina Police are asking anyone with more information to call them or Crime Stoppers.

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