SGI’s June Traffic Safety Spotlight is seatbelts and car restraints

SGI’s traffic safety focus for June is on seatbelt and car restraint use.

The insurance company’s Tyler McMurchy reminds people using them is mandatory in Saskatchewan.

“Especially if your child is under age seven, they’re under 4’9″ in height or under 80 pounds in weight, they need to be in a child seat,” McMurchy said. “Once they’ve grown beyond that, they can of course move to a booster seat.”

McMurchy says not using seatbelts can be costly.

“If you’re not wearing a seatbelt, not only can you get a $175 fine, but if you have a child in your care, and you’re driving and they are not properly restrained, the driver can also get a $175 fine for that.”

He says any given month, between 300-600 people are ticketed for not properly using seat restraints in Saskatchewan.


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