RM of Edenwold unveils 5-year Strategic Plan

The RM of Edenwold has unveiled its new 5-year strategic plan aimed at establishing a connected regional municipality.

COO Sameh Nashad says it’s important for the RM to try and have all its communities work together towards a common goal.

“The RM of Edenwold area is quite large,” said Nashad. “We are very much in a position to shape up all of our strategies to provide leadership. We have all possible stakeholders, that our strategy needs, to support.”

Nashad says the strategy focuses on four main pillars which are being a collaborative community-builder and regional partner, being economically diverse, being a livable community, and having good municipal leadership.

Nashad says the RM wants to continue breaking ground when it comes to services available to residents, he adds getting Uber was a huge feat.

“I believe having Uber, that was an example of what facilities we can achieve to serve our community,” said Nashad. “This is just an example, we have other plans that we are about to initiate once we finalize the study, and we will continue our initiatives as planned.”

Nashad says the strategic plan boils down to one thing, collaboration.

“The culture we’re adopting is about collaboration,” said Nashad. “We would like to work all neighbouring municipalities in order to achieve better performance for our ratepayers. This is a major goal that we would like to adopt and achieve a responsibility towards our ratepayers.”

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