Saskatchewan actor offering support to Biggar revitalization plan

There is a video on social media which the Town of Biggar hopes will go viral.

It’s Saskatoon-born Hollywood actor Kim Coates urging everyone to support the Biggar main Street Revitalizataion project. He says he and his parents and brothers would often visit the Biggar area because they have family there. Biggar’s Community Development Officer, D’Shae Bussiere, lists off some of Kim Coates television and movie credits, which include Sons of Anarchy, Bad Blood, Black Hawk Down and Battlefield Earth.

The goal is to raise $2.5-million which will be matched by the Brownlee Family Foundation. It’s a big goal for a town of 2,500 with the surrounding R.M. population at around 800, but D’Shae says a few years ago when the idea for the revitalization was in its beginnings, community members were asked if they thought it was a reachable goal, and the answer was a resounding yes.
There is the Kim Coates video  and detailed information online about the revitalization project.

The project includes a welcoming entrance to Biggar, upgrades to Main Street and a park at the end of the street. The park is in the area where the former Railway Station was, which had to be demolished a few years ago. It also included a garden, which is set to be brought back to life as part of this project.


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