Owner of local ice-cream shop overwhelmed by community’s support

“It is heartwarming to see”

That is what the owner of “Dessart Sweets”, an ice-cream shop in the Cathedral area is saying after an incident Wednesday night where a large group of people were extremely abusive to staff who would not serve them because they weren’t wearing masks which is against their policy.

Shelley Patterson was not at the store when the incident occurred, but she was alerted to it by those on staff who were yelled at when service was refused.   She says many who were there to make a purchase and were wearing masks came to the defence of staff by telling the group to get lost.

Patterson says the anti-mask crowd is one that is getting tiresome.

“People are just fed up with bad behaviour and the anti-maskers thinking they can do and act how they want without any consequences.” Patterson said. “What happened was unacceptable and the general public showed they are tired with the vitriol these people are trying to cause.”

Since word of the incident came to light, many have come to the store on 13th Avenue to make purchases whether it be ice cream, gift cards or something else while leaving big tips.  Patterson says seeing that leaves her speechless.

“To see people standing up to what they saw in that video and for the people to come to the store to show the support they did yesterday was completely overwhelming.” Patterson said.

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