Canadian Grain Commission offers new on-line tool for determining grain volume and test weight


The Canadian Grain Commission has released a new online tool to help farmers quickly and accurately determine the volume and test weight of their grain.

The test weight calculators for Canadian grains are available on-line for free on the Grain Commission’s website.

The calculators make it easier for producers to calculate the test weight of their grain in 3 commonly used units of measurement,

-kilograms per hectolitre
-pounds per Avery bushel
-pounds per Winchester bushel

The tool also includes calculators to help producers convert metric tons to bushels and determine the volume of grain in bins, piles, and containers.

With this information, farmers will be better equipped to make business decisions on their farm.

For example, accurate volume estimates are critical for farmers, especially when reporting for crop insurance.

The tool will also help farmers determine Winchester bushel weights when delivering against a U.S. contract.

Test weights are also important when calculating how many trips can be made hauling grain to elevators and storage facilities.

The Avery or Imperial bushel (36.37 L) is slightly larger than the Winchester U.S. bushel (35.24 L)

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