Two tickets issued by RPS for violating public health order

The Regina Police Service says they continue to receive complaints of people violating the province’s COVID-19 public health orders after officers issued two tickets in recent days.

The first incident was on Friday when police were sent to the 3200 block of Green Bank Road in the city’s southeast for a complaint of a noisy gathering at a home. According to RPS, there were also complaints of vehicles parked in handicap stalls, along with screaming and fighting heard from inside the residence.

When police arrived, they met the homeowner and several other people who did not live at that address, resulting in a ticket for violating the health order.

Another ticket was issued on Tuesday after officers were dispatched to a residence on the 1700 block of Quebec Street near Saskatchewan Drive. Patrol members arrived at the location and found the resident of the address with other people who do not live at the home.

Police gave the resident of the household a ticket for hosting a gathering that includes people who do not reside in the home.

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