Moe delivers message to those who choose not to be vaccinated

Premier Scott Moe took full aim at those who have made the conscious choice not to be vaccinated as the province delivered an update on the COVID-19 situation Tuesday.

He focused in on those who are adamant against getting vaccinated and have been demonstrative on that front

“You should know and you should be fully aware of the risks associated with that decision.” Moe said. ” Even though we are reopening in Saskatchewan, COVID is not disappearing and COVID will not be gone and those who have chosen not to be vaccinated will still be at risk of contracting COVID and at risk of a much more severe outcome.  I know some of you are making this choice and encouraging others to not get vaccinated.  This is under a misguided notion of defending your personal freedoms, but here is the thing…. you are actually the one standing in the way. There is a bizarre misconception out there that politicians like myself and others love imposing these restrictions, but the truth is I hate it, I hate it and I look forward to the day that it all ends.  That day will come when enough of us choose to be vaccinated so if you want your freedoms back, go and get vaccinated.”

Moe added vaccines have worked in eradicating polio and smallpox and that numbers are showing they are decreasing COVID-19 cases which shows they are working again.

The government also said they will start accepting ICU patients from Manitoba as that province struggles with the current caseload that is overwhelming the system.

Saskatchewan Health Authority CEO Scott Livingstone says this will be done in a “slow and measured” way and will not see Saskatoon or Regina ICU’s get impacted.  He adds one patient a day will come in from Manitoba with the situation being re-assessed in five day’s time.




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