Lumsden’s Last Mountain Distillery now accepting Bitcoin as payment

Last Mountain Distillery in Lumsden has become the first distillery to accept Bitcoin as payment for casks in BC and Saskatchewan.

Co-Founder Colin Schmidt says it seems like everyone wants the crypto-currency these days.

“It’s kind of  fun way for us to enter the market. I wanted to be a part of it, I’m intrigued by it,” said Schmidt. “We were in a position where we can take a small percentage of our whisky inventory and offer it to something a little bit more stable, which I think some Bitcoin investors are looking for now that they’ve accumulated 1500 percent worth of gains.”

LMD would be handling Bitcoin payment themselves for casks that can be stored for years to come or bottled at the time of purchase.

While accepting the crypto-currency is a considerable risk, Schmidt says with the amount of casks available to the Bitcoin market through the LMD, the risk has been calculated.

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