RCMP release three-episode podcast on Misha Pavelick death

RCMP in Saskatchewan have launched a podcast touching on a historic unsolved homicide that took place in Regina Beach 15 years ago.

Sgt. Donna Zawislak says the Misha Pavelick case still remains a mystery.

“Exactly 15 years ago to the date Misha was out at a party at Regina Beach when basically, the party got out of hand and there was an altercation between Misha and a group of people, which resulted in him being stabbed,” Sgt. Zawislak said. “As a result of the stabbing, he died as a result of those injuries.”

Sgt. Zawislak says there’s plenty of guests on the three-episode podcast series.

“We have members from Misha’s family agree to assist us with this, and they’ve been interviewed,” Sgt. Zawislak said. “we have the lead investigator of the file currently looking after it, we’ve had members who were involved in the past at the initial stages, and even specialty units which include our Identification section and members from our RCMP dispatch centre.”

Sgt. Zawislak says the hope is this podcast could lead to solving this case.

“The other thing is also to make sure that information that’s being circulated is accurate information, and that’s important to us,” Sgt. Zawislak said. “It could get rid of the rumours and speculation, and it can provide some of the details so people — when they call in — they can provide information that could help us with this investigation.”

This is the first time the RCMP have released a podcast on a crime they have not solved.

Anyone with information on the Pavelick case is asked to contact RCMP at 639-625-4252 or 1-800-222-8477.

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