Snow in the forecast for the May Long weekend

Saskatchewan could go from one weather extreme to the next, all in one week.

While daytime highs are expected to be above 30°C Monday and Tuesday, temperatures dip to daytime highs 10°C below normal for this time of year after Wednesday night, with rain and snow in the forecast for Thursday evening.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang says snow isn’t common this time of year, but it does happen from time to time.

“The system is coming up from the south, but we’re going to have a really cold air mass to the north so those two are going to combine to produce that storm, especially that higher terrain in the south west,” Lang said. “(We’re) looking at seeing how much amounts will come out of this.”

Lang says depending on the area, snow or rain could fall in various amounts.

“The south east corner should get more in the way of rain, and at this time it’s looking like decent amounts of rain,” Lang said. “That snow looks like it may even work its way into the City of Regina and surrounding places, so people should maybe get prepared for that.

“If we’re lucky, it’ll be too warm, but certainly the indications are there will be some snow.”

Lang says before the snow, record heat could be recorded to start the week.

“Just the way the weather records are, we know that this isn’t all that common and we’ll probably see a lot of records fall (Monday) because the records are kind of in the low 30’s,” Lang said. “We’ll see how much cloud there is around, hut certainly a lot at-risk of falling, and then the possibility of frost by the weekend.”

Special weather statements have been issued for much of southern Saskatchewan for Monday afternoon.

Lang says while it’s still incredibly hot and dry outside, the risk of grass fires is extremely high.

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