City Councillor says despite concerns, Regina residents should be excited for planned canola facility

Some residents in Regina’s Uplands neighbourhood are voicing concerns over a potential canola crushing plant near the community.

Their complaints center around the smell, traffic, and a potential raise in property values.

Ward 7 Councillor Terina Shaw says despite some negative comments, most of the community is excited for the planned facility.

“There’s a lot of people that are pretty darn excited about Regina having the largest canola crushing plant in the world, and us becoming that amazing place for it to potentially happen,” said Shaw.

Shaw says the facility would have so many positive effects on the community.

“It’s creating 100 well-paying jobs with two years of construction, the amount of income that’s going to put into our city,” said Shaw. “The spinoff of even just that plant being built, and all the companies around supplying stuff and working, that’s some positive stuff that’s going to happen.”

In a statement from Viterra, says they’ve selected the site because it’s located in the heart of the industrial zone.

“Prior to making our announcement, we engaged closely with the City of Regina to discuss our plans for the site, and ensured it aligns with their plans to foster additional growth and economic investment in the city,” read the statement.

An official date for the construction of the plant has not been unveiled yet.


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