War Amps key tag campaign celebrates 75th year

The War Amps annual key tag campaign is now in it’s 75th year.

The program helps fund the cost of artificial limbs and support programs for amputees across the province.

Spokesperson James Jordan says it’s amazing to see where the program has gone since it was created by veterans after the First World War.

“We really just owe it all to First and Second World War amputee veterans once again,” said Jordan. “Everything that they’ve done, not only for our country, but now 75 years later for amputees is pretty incredible.”

Jordan says the organization has returned over 1.5 million stolen or lost keys thanks to the key tag program.

He adds the program would be nothing without the support of so many people.

“It’s realty just been amazing for amputees in Canada,” said Jordan. “For Canadians to be able to support this, and for this key tag service to be running for so long, we’re just so grateful.”

While the program has grown so much in 75 years, Jordan says there’s a lot that still needs to be done.

“We’re not really looking in the rear-view, we’re happy, obviously, with the last 75 years, but we are looking ahead to support for amputees in the future,” said Jordan. “We’re always doing research on advancements in artificial limbs, and we’re doing our research and we really view ourselves as the centre of excellence for everything amputation related.”

Jordan says being an amputee himself, he has benefited greatly from the programs paid for through the War Amps key tag program.

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