Regina Trades and Skills Centre helps out local softball league

Students attending the Regina Trades and Skills Centre (RTSC) had the opportunity to help out a local community organization.

The students laid a concrete base for the Regina Minor Softball League, which will be used a storage space for the league.

Executive Director of the RTSC, Brian Shankowsky says community projects like this are essential to the program, adding it’s hard to simulate jobsite situations in a classroom.

“As part of our training, we look for non-for-profit organizations to partner with for projects like this, so our students can experience those issues that may happen on a job site, whatever it is, the components of a job site that are difficult in a training scenario, but happen out here,” said Shankowsky. “It’s crucial for them because now they have a little closer, smaller transition to an actual employment opportunity.”

Shankowsky says the job experience is extremely valuable for both the students and their future employer.

“The employments that are taking them in the employment opportunities are getting individuals who already been on an actual site, so that’s important for them,” said Shankowsky. “The students know a little bit of what to expect on an actual job site, and there’s some pride and some recognition for them helping out a non-for-profit organization do something, they’ll always come back, and they’ll know that they helped out with this project.”

Shankowsky says the RTSC is very successful in getting their students hired in the industry, adding the success rate is between 90 and 95 percent.

For more information on how to enroll or become a part of the RTSC, visit their website.

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