Last question period sees Moe and Meili continue to argue over COVID-19 response

MLA’s are heading back home after a six-week session of the legislature ended.

In the final question period, NDP leader Ryan Meili continued to pound away on the government for the mistakes made. Mistakes that he says cost over 100 Saskatchewan people their lives in the third wave because of the Premier’s decision to loosen restrictions as a third wave started with the emergence of variant of concerns. He says the people of Saskatchewan deserve to know what information led to this error.

“Not a single time has this Premier acknowledged a mistake has been made.” Meili said. “We have asked the government repeatedly to release the advice received at the time which led to this deadly error but they have not.  Will they release the information that guided their decisions throughout this pandemic or will the Premier continue to do what he can to bury his mistakes.”

Moe responded by saying very serious decisions have been made over the past year.  He also reminded Meili about the province’s aggressive vaccination campaign which has seen over half a million people get vaccinated and is leading the nation.

“Our path out of the pandemic does go through one of our vaccination clinics.  We have a roadmap as to how we are going to get there and I want to thank Saskatchewan people again for everyting they have done and everything they will do for a little while longer until we get this place back to normal.” Moe said.

Moe added that he is very disappointed at how Meili minimized the significant measures that have been put in place and the effort Saskatchewan people have made to limit COVID-19 in their communities.




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