YQR International Airport receives funding boost from federal Airport Relief Fund

The YQR International Airport is pleased to receive 2.6 million from the federal government as part of the Airport Relief Fund.

Airport authority President and CEO James Bogusz says he hopes this funding is a start of more to come.

“This grant is designed to help offset some of the costs incurred from borrowing — we’re obviously deep into our line of credit now — and also to cover operating expenses,” Bogusz said. “This should essentially help our airport for about two months in terms of its operating line, which is very welcome news given the stiff downturn in our operating revenues.”

Bogusz says now it’s time to start looking towards generating revenue through tourism.

“What we’re also anticipating and hopeful for is to hear about a meaningful re-opening plan federally,” Bogusz said. “We know our province has certainly doing their part with re-opening and tying it to vaccination rates, but also we are hopeful to hear the federal government talk about when we can start loosening border restrictions and also encouraging Canadians to travel, even domestically.”

Bogusz says YQR is now looking for federal funs to help with a project that would see the main runway resurfaced.

“As part of this project, we also want to ensure that the lighting system on the south side of the runway is upgraded to current standard,”Bogusz said. “We also have to fix a lot of storm drains that basically run adjacent to the runway itself.”

Total cost of the project would be $30 million.

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