Those from India living in Saskatchewan feeling helpless as COVID-19 runs through country

Those from India living in Saskatchewan are trying to do what they can when it comes to helping their home country fight a surge of COVID-19 that has been very deadly

The healthcare system simply can’t keep up with the caseload with over 15,000 people dying last week alone.

Nish Presad with the India Canada Association of Saskatchewan says it is tough to be in Saskatchewan and see what is happening at home.

“India is bleeding!” Presad said.  “It is very painful and you seem very helpless when you see what is going on at this time.  It is scary, it is concerning.   When you watch the news and see pictures coming from home and you see the suffering and the young ones who are dying, it is very difficult.  With us being here, we can’t be present in India at this time to provide in-person support so you do what you can from here.”

Presad estimates there are about 25,000 people from India now residing in Saskatchewan.

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