Regina police preparing for another “freedom rally”

Regina Police say they will be on hand with an operational plan for another anti-mask event at Victoria Park Saturday afternoon featuring politician Maxime Bernier and Chris Sky who hosted a rally last month in the park.

Police say both uniformed members and traffic members will be actively monitoring the rally and responding to any risk to public safety with other officers who will be geared more to the investigative side where they will gather evidence and information to assist in their investigation following rally.  A command structure will also be dedicated to the event.

Police add they will be balancing the overall goal of maintaining public safety while protecting the rights of those voicing their opinions while working toward compliance with the public health orders currently in effect.

Meanwhile, the appearance of Bernier is one that is being criticized by the Saskatchewan NDP.   Deputy leader Nicole Sarauer told reporters on Friday that this is the last thing we need in the province and that the Saskatchewan Party should tell him he is not welcome.



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