U of R planning to welcome students back for in-person learning this fall

Planning is underway as the University of Regina is looking to welcome students back for in-person learning in the fall.

The school says with vaccine availability increases, their goal is to welcome as many students back as possible.

Paul Dederick with the U of R says students will have several options when it comes to how their classes are delivered.

“We’re still going to be offering a significant number of remotely delivered courses, just to allow for flexibility and safety,” said Dederick. “We’re also going to be conducting a number of hybrid courses, courses that are, perhaps, partially in person, and partially remote.”

Dederick says the U of R is working closely with the University of Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic to find the best way forward.

He adds its still to early to say what protocols will be in place in the fall.

“It’s a bit difficult to say, at this point, what the level of services and activities will be,” said Dederick. “We want to ensure that everyone is safe, the health and safety of our campus community has always been our number one priority. So, as we get closer to September, the planning will gear up, and will make a determination as to what we can safely reintroduce, and what we’re going to hold back on.”

Dederick says while remote learning has always been available to U of R students, it will become a very integral part moving forward.

“We’re looking at a bit of a fundamental shift in post-secondary education, in that remote learning, and given the experience of the past year and a bit, we expect that it will become more the case, that remote learning will always be a part of that university experience now,” said Dederick.

More information for students can be found on the U of R’s website.

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