Regina and District Chamber of Commerce applauds provincial “Roadmap to Re-Opening” plan

The “Roadmap to Re-Opening” is getting a thumbs up from the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce.

The plan allows for some restrictions to be relaxed three weeks after 70 per cent of Saskatchewan residents 40 and older get their first dose of COVID vaccine. More restrictions would get lifted once 70 per cent of residents over 30 get their first dose, and so on.

Chamber CEO John Hopkins says it’s important to know a plan is in place.

“One of the big things that the business community really needed is some sort of sense of direction, and we have that now,” Hopkins said. “(However) it’s still fluid; we have to hit targets.”

Hopkins says now the ball is in the public’s court to get vaccinated.

“Before, we were asked to do all of the public health orders, social distancing, masking and hand sanitization, but now it really is in our corner,” Hopkins said. “If we want to see this work and want to re-open the province (and) get people back to work, it’s up to us to get vaccinated.”

The step one target is set for the end of May. Hopkins says he’s optimistic the step one target can be reached.

“I look at the protests, the anti-maskers, (and) shake my head, and look at the people that are in droves going to get vaccinated,” Hopkins said. “There’s no question about it; people want to get vaccinated, want to return to normal, and more than anything else, want to keep their family, their friends, and themselves safe.”

Hopkins says it will be important for businesses to take full advantage of a normally busy time in the summer after dealing with COVID restrictions for over a year.

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