City asking residents to “adopt-a-drain”

There are 22,000 storm drains in Regina.  Every year, those drains keep roads clear and protect properties when storms hit.

In an initiative aimed at keeping the community engaged, the City is asking you to adopt a storm drain and show it some care by keeping it free of debris that could flow into Wascana Creek.

Kurtis Doney is the City’s Director of Water, Waste and the Environment.  He says you can adopt the drain for one, three or five years.  He thinks this is a way to have some fun and stay engaged with the community.

“This is the first time we have done something like this.” Doney said. “We think it is a way to get the community together, get some fresh air and take care of our storm drains.  If a drain is to the point where help is needed, a call can be made to Service Regina.”

Those wanting to adopt a storm drain can go to the city’s website. You are also asked to give your drain a “grate” name like “Drain Gretzky”, “Drainer” or Drain Mantyka with the top 10 names being selected in June and prizes being given out.


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