As in-class learning resumes some teachers still concerned about COVID-19 climate in classrooms

In-class learning for kids in Regina’s public and Catholic school systems resumes Monday morning, but as the bell rings there is a lot of worry.

With COVID-19 cases and variants of concern still at a worrisome rate, some teachers are expressing hesitancy.

Jeff Parry is the president of the Regina Public School Teachers Association. He says those concerns are for obvious reasons.

“Teachers are concerned for their own health and the health of their families and worried about the potential of transmission,” Parry said. “After people have been out-and-about in the community for the last little while and coming back (to school).”

Some are taking steps to stay away from the classroom. Parry says that’s something they are backing.

“We’ve been telling them that basically this is a personal issue and as health is for most people, and at this point our association is here to hear from them and to walk them through options that might be available.”

On Friday, Education Minister Dustin Duncan said this move comes because public health officials in Regina and provincial chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib Shahab have given it the green light.

Regina Public Schools says they have received a lot of opinions from parents who are in favour of kids being back in school as well as those who think this should not happen.

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