Town of White City asking for resident input on future multi-use rec centre

The Town of White City has launched a community engagement project, with the goal of gathering information about the community’s future multi-use recreation facility, including how it should be paid for, and what amenities it should have.

There are four ways for residents to join the conversation .

An online survey at, signing up online to take part in a virtual community workshop, visiting the project’s webpage on the town’s website , or sharing feedback with a community liaison by calling 519-2165.

White City Mayor Brian Fergusson said community engagement is one of the most important aspects of this project.

“Ultimately council is here to serve the wishes of the rate payers,” Fergusson said. “So it’s really vitally important to get their input on these particular elements, what’s important to them, where do they see the value, how do they see this progressing, and ultimately how much of a burden is reasonable to put on their tax bill,” he said.

In a news release the Town said as an approximate yearly average, the anticipated tax impact would range from less than $100 to $600.

Fergusson stresses the idea floating around that decisions have already been made or will be made regardless of public input, is simply false.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. “There are strong voices that are pushing this engagement process to be as open, transparent, and as objective as possible, so that council can truly make decisions based on input from community members,” Fergusson added.

The overall project could involve six phases including the potential for a public library, high school, aquatic centre and additional arenas.

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