SGI again focusing on impaired driving with May Traffic Safety Spotlight

SGI will be focusing on impaired driving this May for their Traffic Safety Spotlight.

As the weather warms up, more people may be planning to have socially distanced drinks on decks and patios, and SGI wants to remind people that impaired driving is always 100 percent preventable.

Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says there’s lots of ways to plan a safe way to get home.

“Whether that means calling a sober person in your bubble, taking a cab or using a rideshare service, or using a designated driving service, yes those are still operating during the pandemic, you can also take public transportation, or making that decision that you’re not going to take any impairing substances if you’re going to need to drive,” McMurchy said.

In 2020 there were 32 deaths and 371 injuries on Saskatchewan roadways as a result of impaired driving, it’s still the number one killer of people on the province’s roads.

” We want people to continue to look out for each other as we’ve done for the past year plus with COVID here in Saskatchewan, and that means only driving if you’re sober and making plans to get a safe ride home if you’re not going to be sober,” McMurchy said.

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