Regina residents involved in Food and Yard Waste Pilot mostly satisfied at mid-way point

The City of Regina says participants of its Food and Yard Waste Pilot Program are mostly satisfied at the mid-way point of the program.

In September of last year, about 2,800 homes in Regina received a green bin for food and yard waste.

There were three different sizes distributed, as the City works to determine what size bin would best suit the program, should it become permanent.

The City says in a recent mid-way survey they learned that 81 percent of participants were strongly satisfied with the pilot, 80 percent indicated they used their green bin for both yard and food waste, and only 35 percent agreed there are challenges that need to be addressed.

The City says the pilot will continue until September, 2021 before anymore decisions are made on its future.

So far 300 tonnes of food and yard waste has been collected, which resulted in a 29 percent reduction in garbage cart material.

Only two percent of material collected in green bins was deemed as unacceptable, that included items like plastic bags and foil.


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