Regina Police once again release sex offender from custody

A Regina man who has a history of reoffending has been released once again from custody.

Regina Police issued a Public Safety Alert to make residents aware that 44-year-old Jason Thorn will be living in the Heritage neighbourhood and will be supervised while his activities are monitored.

Thorn is released on a series of conditions:

· Must not associate with any person known or suspected to be involved in criminal activity or substance use;

· Must reside at a Community Correctional Centre/Community Residential Facility for 90 days;

· Must return to his residence nightly;

· Must not purchase, acquire, possess or access pornography or sexually explicit material in any form, or type of media;

· Must report all intimate relationships or changes to his parole officer;

· Must abstain from use of alcohol and drugs, other than prescribed medicines, taken as directed by a physician, and over-the-counter drugs, taken as recommended by the manufacturer;

· Must follow psychological counselling as directed by a clinician;

· Must have no contact with children under the age of 18, unless supervised by a responsible adult who has been pre-approved in writing by the supervising parole officer;

· Must abstain from the use of all intoxicants;

· Must follow psychiatric counselling and medication regime as directed by a clinician;

· Must follow treatment plan as directed by parole supervisor;

· Must not be in, near or around locations where children can reasonably be expected to congregate.

Police also say the decision to release this suspect are made following the provisions of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, meaning police do not have final say on these decisions.

RPS is also making it clear this alert is intended to enable the public to take preventative measures, not to embark on vigilantism or other reasonable conduct towards the individual.

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