City of Regina adding over four kilometres to cycling network

A $2.2 million investment into Regina’s cycling infrastructure will add about 4.5 kilometres to the city’s cycling network in 2021.

The investment will include the addition of on-street bike lanes and multi-use pathways in a number of areas around the municipality.

Plans for on-street bike lanes will include phase one of the new east-west crosstown bike route on 13th Avenue between Forget Street and York Street, and 14th Avenue between Edward Street and Montague Street. Bike lanes will also be established on King Street between 15th Avenue and 14th Avenue, and McTavish Street between College Avenue and 14th Avenue.

The east-west bike route is a five-year project which will link the Cathedral, Centre Square, Heritage and Al Ritchie neighbourhoods to the downtown area.

Some of the multi-use pathway projects will include:

• Arcola Avenue between Pilot Butte Creek and University Park Drive;
• Albert Street between 23rd Avenue and Regina Avenue;
• Brinkworth Park from 13th Avenue and York Street to 14th Avenue and Edward Street;
• Pasqua Street between Parliament Avenue and Hill Avenue; and
• Hillsdale Street between 23rd Avenue and Broad Street.

More information on each project will be announced as construction begins, with traffic restrictions in place where appropriate.

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