StatsCan survey says Sask farmers to seed more canola and barley and less wheat, oats and pulses

Statistics Canada says farmers seeding intentions include more canola, barley, soybeans and corn.

The federal agency say farmers will plant less wheat, oats peas and lentils compared to last year.

Wheat acreage is forecast down 6.9 percent to 23 million acres.

In Saskatchewan, Spring wheat will drop 6 percent while durum will see a one percent increase in seeded area.

Canola area will increase for the first time since 2017, rising 3.6 percent to 21.5 million acres, the largest area since 2018.

In Saskatchewan, seeded area will jump 4.4 percent to 11.8 million acres.

Barley will jump 24.5 percent in Saskatchewan to 3.9 million acres, the largest in the province since 2007.

Oat area will drop 11 percent in this province.

Lentils, where Saskatchewan produces 90 percent of the Canadian crop, will edge down 1.6 percent.

Total seeded area to lentils will be 4.2 million acres.

Dry peas acreage will decrease almost 10 percent to 3.8 million acres.

The survey was conducted in March.

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