Moe delivers message to those waiting to be vaccinated

If you are 42 or older in Saskatchewan, the time has come to roll up your sleeve and if you are 40 or 41, you are on deck.

Starting at 8 AM Wednesday, those 42 and older can start booking appointments to be vaccinated. On Friday, that age drops to 40 with others like teachers and educational staff, correctional staff, police officers and firefighters also eligible if they haven’t been vaccinated already.

For those younger than 40, Moe says you will get a vaccine as soon as the province can give you one.  Until then, he urged Saskatchewan’s younger demographics to be careful as variants that have reached Saskatchewan are resulting in more severe outcomes amongst the younger part of the population who have not been vaccinated.

“You need to follow all of the public health orders and guidelines in place and that means not getting together with friends.” Moe said. “I understand how difficult that is and how difficult it has been for people especially in their 20’s as that is how old my children are.  I know this is a very social time in your life and you want to take part in the social activities that happen in your community.  I know how much you have sacrificed over the last year, but please know it will be a little while longer and it could mean so much if you catch one of these variants or pass it on to a friend or a family member.  When it is your turn, I ask you to get vaccinated.”

While the province isn’t sure what the schedule is for AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, Premier Moe says Pfizer shipments are doubling to 63,000 doses a week.

As of Monday, 71 percent of those aged 50 and over in Saskatchewan have had their first vaccination shot


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