City getting ready to start major construction project on McCarthy Boulevard

A two-year construction project begins Monday on McCarthy Boulevard.

The project, which will cost just under eight million dollars, will combine sewer removal, bridge rehabilitation and road renewal work between Dewdney and 4th Avenue .

This project will be completed in phases. In phase one which is scheduled to go until the end of June, McCarthy Boulevard will be closed to traffic between Dewdney  and 4th. To keep traffic flowing, detours will be implemented along 4th  and Dewdney. In addition, temporary traffic controls will be placed at Dewdney and Dorothy Street, and at McCarthy Boulevard and 4th Avenue.

In the second phase, July through October, McCarthy will reopen to restricted traffic. The multiuse pathway system under the McCarthy bridges will be available during both phases of this improvement project.

To ensure that the City provides continuous wastewater services to the over 150,000 residents that rely on this main, a temporary wastewater bypass system will be installed. The bypass system requires large pumps that run on generators 24 hours a day. In an effort to reduce sound impacts, the contractor will employ noise mitigation around the generators.

This is one of many projects the City has as it begins its 2021 construction season.  More details on what Regina drivers can expect over the next couple of months as construction season occurs will be known on Monday.

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