“Supercars” caught speeding near Maple Creek

Here’s a story you won’t hear very often.

Maple Creek RCMP say they were on patrol April 17th when they noticed a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin speeding on Highway 21.

Officers caught up to the trio who were travelling in excess of 180 kilometers an hour in a 110 zone.

The three received a total of $3600 in fines with all three vehicles being impounded.  Officers also learned one of the drivers had just taken his vehicle out of winter storage and had failed to properly register his vehicle.

This is not the only strange story being reported by Saskatchewan RCMP.

On April 8, the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan unit discovered a vehicle travelling in excess of the posted speed limit on Highway #16, west of Colonsay. The vehicle was being driven at a speed of 160 km/h in a zone of 110 km/h. RCMP activated their emergency equipment, signalling the driver to pull over. Once officers made contact with the driver, the driver indicated he had no idea why he was being pulled over. Officers learned that the driver had recently changed the display inside of his vehicle so the speedometer was displaying ‘miles per hour’ rather than ‘kilometers per hour’.

The driver said he was checking the gas mileage of the vehicle and hadn’t realized he was operating in such excess of the posted speed limit. The driver returned the display to ‘kilometers per hour’, he received a fine of $910.

In both incidents, RCMP say the outcome could have been much different than the fines that were issued.

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